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Boost your community with a membership program and authentic brand collabs

BTBverse is a membership and collaboration platform, empowering creators to monetize their content and reward their communities like never before.

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How it works

Step 01

Launch a membership program

Turn followers into ambassadors by letting them own a piece of your community. The membership pass is platform independent, which means it can be used anywhere on the internet to recognize your community.


Build a custom membership badge in line with your branding, identity and community values

Distribute memberships as digital collectibles to your community, e.g. by including a link in your bio

Step 02

Find collaboration partners

Reward your community and partner with any brand by just clicking of a button. Request and receive partnership proposals and start earning so you can focus on your content.


Step 03

Spread the news

Tell your community about your new membership program. Let them know about the benefits you negotiated for them. Turn collaborations from a “necessary evil” into “community perks”.

Step 04

Start earning money

You earn money with every purchase of your community. Our creator dashboard gives you transparency over the campaign success in real time.


Exemplary use cases

Find collaborations that actually fit your community

Frequently asked questions

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