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Influencer marketing with video creators. Automated.

We transform video creators on Twitch and YouTube into brand ambassadors. Our platform manages the complete administrative burden of influencer marketing for you, saving you time and money.


How it works

Register your brand

Once you have signed up with BTBverse, we will contact you and discuss your goals. If you want to try our product first, you can choose our free Starter package.


Discover mid-tier and larger creators playfully

Our platform suggests pre-qualified video creators who have already indicated interest in a campaign with your brand. This allows you to skip the lengthy outreach and screening process.

Creator Group

Campaign Management made simple

We define a campaign briefing with you. From then on, we take over: Creator briefing, communication, coordination, tracking, invoicing, payment, and analytics. All from a single source.


Why BTBverse?

Access to new communities

Brands we work with find up to 90% new customers in new creator communities. However, many brands struggle to reach these on Twitch and YouTube due to a lack of resources and focus. With BTBverse, our goal is to make advertising in new communities simple and intuitive.

Creator empowerment

BTBverse is the creator friendly influencer marketing platform. We enable and empower creators with user-friendly software tools such as real-time purchase notifications, sales tracking, and reminders. This translates into more engagement and higher conversion rates for your brand.

End-to-end coverage

Many solutions handle only a part of the value chain: discovery, campaign management, payments and invoicing, analytics. We handle your creator marketing end-to-end, saving you administrative effort and the complexity of having to use multiple solutions.

Turn creators into brand ambassadors

Frequently asked questions

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