It is time for a new kind of partnership...

Transform your brand with innovative, creator-led collaborations

We help you turn creators into brand ambassadors, unlocking communities that align seamlessly with your brand values. With BTBverse, you will forge strategic long-term partnerships with creators that drive success.

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How it works

Seamless integration with Shopify App or API

Connect your brand effortlessly by installing our Shopify App or integrating our API. More web shop integrations to come.



Discover long-term, high-impact creator collaborations

Our platform pairs you with ideal creator partners, prioritizing shared values and sustainable success. It is our conviction that long-term partnerships are better for both brands and communities.

Creator Group

Offer exclusive benefits to members with ease

Customize rewards using Shopify or your self-coded web shop frontend. Our versatile "Utility Controller" empowers you to create unique benefits, from discounts and free shipping to early product access, and more.

What's in it for me?

Better conversion

Let's face it: discount codes and affiliate links are not an ideal way to reward and incentivize customers. Our creator membership program is consistent in user experience across brands and ensures your brand experiences higher conversion rates compared to traditional solutions.

Better ROI

Do you remember how people used to click on banner ads and now everyone almost has a mental "ad blocker" and completely ignores them? The same is happening to affiliate marketing. By forging authentic, long-term collaborations with creators, your investment yields higher returns as you gain access to highly engaged and loyal audiences.

Better community

Every brand is trying to build community. We believe a better way to do it is to expand your own community by integrating with existing ones. Our platform fosters long-term, community-focused partnerships that elevate your brand's reach and impact.

Turn creators into brand ambassadors

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