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Rethinking community commerce. One partnership at a time.

BTBverse is building a new operating system for community commerce. We unleash the entrepreneurial potential of the creator economy, powered by blockchain technology. Our goal is to empower communities retaining more money within them, instead of it going to online advertising giants.

Our Vision

Unleash the world’s creativity

Our Mission

Empower digital creators to build thriving, professional careers by providing innovative membership solutions that foster lasting connections with their community.

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For us at BTBverse, creators are artists. They are the ones who best manage to turn our everyday social media apps, which we consume obsessively, into art tools entertaining and educating billions of people. And yet, for many creators, a sustainable, full-time career remains financially elusive. We believe this is because of a grand misallocation of funds ...

Founder Team

We are a team of ambitious creator economy and community enthusiasts with significant experience in e-commerce.

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